"Capturing the essence of life's experiences in photographs and oil paintings..."

Jodi Arden

B i o g r a p h y

The Beginnings
Jodi Arden's art training began at an early age in Wayne, NJ. Her parents recognized her talent and passion and provided her with private painting classes starting at age seven.

Jodi attended The Parsons School of Design in NYC. Not being a "typical academic", her acceptance to this prestigious school was based solely on her fine art portfolio. She was advised to major in interior design since, "a girl had to make a living and there were more starving artists then starving designers". After Parsons, Jodi worked as an interior designer and also modeled part-time. She designed several corporate offices as well as high-end residential spaces. "The interior became my surrogate canvas. Upon completion, each one had its unique beautiful energy based on my client's desires". But it was always the canvas and oils that evoked her passions.

The Present
Over the past few years, Jodi has returned to her love of oils and "nothing has ever felt so right". Her focus is on pet and livestock images as well as inspirational landscapes and wildlife. Jodi's paintings are noted by her brush work and ability to capture the spiritual essence of her subjects.

Jodi Arden lives near Katonah, NY with her husband Ron, daughter Erin, and her menagerie of animals that includes Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, cats, 2 parrots (a green wing macaw & a Senegal), 2 laying hens and a rabbit.

Her dream - "To own a rare and endangered livestock farm and have an animal on lead in one hand and an oil paintbrush in the other".

Jodi Arden - Oil Painting

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