"Capturing the essence of life's experiences in photographs and oil paintings..."

Jodi Arden

C o m m i s s i o n e d  P e t  &  L i v e s t o c k  P o r t r a i t s

"I remember being a very small child and feeling compelled to draw. I would look at the animals and then into the animal to find its unique magic. Why was I looking at that one specific animal. In each of my paintings I am trying to touch the soul of the creature."

My pet & livestock portraits are worked from one or more original photographs that can either be supplied by the client or can be arranged by the artist. My paintings are built up in several stages and a single canvas can take around two or three months to complete. All commissions must allow for this. Though based on photographs, my work is a celebration of the subject's energy and takes flight in the spirit of the creatures I paint. My handling of the materials used gives depth and vitality to my work.

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Jodi Arden - Oil Painting Jodi Arden - Oil Painting

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