"Capturing the essence of life's experiences in photographs and oil paintings..."

Ron Arden

B i o g r a p h y

Ron picked up his first camera at the age of thirteen and now, over four decades later, always has one nearby. (In fact, he occasionally still shoots with his original Nikon F - circa 1969.) Ron’s portfolio of images reflects his passion for the realism of what his mind and eye “sees” and the discipline to capture that detail through the lens. Simply, the printed image was “seen” through the lens.

During the 1970’s, Ron’s had several solo exhibits at the Windham Gallery, Putney, VT and the Brattleboro Gallery of Fine Art, Brattleboro, VT.

While he continued shooting pictures during the next thirty years, his early career as a psychotherapist and currently as the owner of brand strategy and marketing research firm, occupied the bulk of creative energies.

Ron describes his wife, Jodi Arden (an accomplished oil painter), as his muse… “She continually encouraged and inspired me to return to my artwork. I finally listened to her.”

The results of his latest work shot over the past ten years have received critical acclaim:

You can tell by just looking at his images that Arden has the eye of a classically trained painter. As a painter, I don’t say this about the vast majority of photographers but Ron’s images are art. They have all of the key elements and his eye for light, color, shadows, and composition is amazing.” – Edward Giobbi (American Painter, 1926 - )

When I look at other photographer’s work, I see photographs. I was paid to take photographs that the magazines assigned to me and I guess I did a pretty damn good job of it during my career. Ron, he is a photographer and an artist. He can see the image and capture it and he can compose what his mind sees and capture that also.” - Slim Aarons (American photographer, 1916 – 2006)

Ron lives near Katonah, NY with his wife, daughter Erin (a graphic design major at Kutztown University) and menagerie of animals. Ron and Jodi, are breeders of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. He is an accomplished sailor and also enjoys exploring the U.S. on his Harley-Davidson.

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