"Capturing the essence of life's experiences in photographs and oil paintings..."

Ron Arden

L i n k s

Friends, Models, and Colleagues:

Edward Giobbi – (1926 - ) - Artist

Edward Giobbi is one of the county's most respected and talented artists, who is known most recently for his large-scale oil paintings. Giobbi emerged from the Art Students League in Manhattan in the mid-1950's. While he recapitulated the ideas of the major figures of early 20th-century art, he used these influences in inventive ways. Giobbi's art then takes a different turn. It becomes more intellectual and formal and is rooted in two 20th-century movements that flowered almost simultaneously: Cubism and Futurism. He is a longtime resident of Katonah, where he lives on a small farm with his wife of nearly 50 years, Ellie.


Slim Aarons – (1916 – 2006) - Photographer

Born George Allen Aarons was an American photographer noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities. At 18 years old, Aarons enlisted in the U.S. Army, working as a photographer at West Point and later serving as a combat photographer in World War II and earning a Purple Heart. Aarons said that combat had taught him that the only beach worth landing on was "decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun."

Aarons made his career out of what he called "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." "I knew everyone," he said in an interview with The (London) Independent in 2002. "They would invite me to one of their parties because they knew I wouldn't hurt them. I was one of them." Alfred Hitchcock's film, Rear Window, whose main character is a photographer played by Jimmy Stewart, is set in an apartment reputed to be based on Aaron’s apartment.


Andrzej Krakowski – Filmmaker; MCA Chair, Film & Video (Production) – The City College of New York

Andrzej Krakowski was born in Poland in 1946 and received his education at the Polish Film School in Lodz, where he studied theater and film directing. Before leaving Poland in 1968, he was also known as a promising poet, writer and a cartoonist. After being sent to Hollywood on a six-month scholarship, he was stripped by the Polish authorities of his citizenship and declared a persona-non-grata in his native country.

In Los Angeles he attended the American Film Institute, where among his classmates he counts: David Lynch, Terrence Malick and Paul Schrader. Over the last three decades, Mr. Krakowski wrote, directed and/or produced over 30 feature films and TV movies for major studios and TV networks. Some of his more memorable projects are: TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT, with Willem Dafoe and Edward James Olmos, EMINENT DOMAIN, starring Donald Sutherland and Ann Archer, Managua, with Louis Gossett Jr., Michael Moriarty and Assumpta Serna, TIDES OF WAR, with Ernest Borgnine and David Soul, and PORTRAIT OF A HITMAN, starring Jack Palance and Rod Steiger. His feature production, based on a popular series of comic books, CAMPFIRE STORIES, has been shown on Showtime in May 2003 and sold theatrically all over the world. His docu-drama FAREWELL TO MY COUNTRY, was released theatrically to critical acclaim in November 2002 and shown in several countries. His most recent production, LOOKING FOR PALLADIN, with Ben Gazzara, Talia Shire, David Moscow, Vinny Pastore and an international cast was filmed in Guatemala in 2006 and is scheduled for release in 2007. Mr. Krakowski lives in Katonah, NY, with his wife, Majka, and son, Adam.


Vincent Pastore – Actor

Vincent Pastore is a former bar owner from New Rochelle, New York. He discovered acting late in life (at the insistence of Matt Dillon and his brother Kevin) and it has become his calling. Vinnie appeared in several movies including "Revolver", "Gotti", "This Thing of Ours", "Mickey Blue Eyes", "Goodfellas", "Mafia", "The Jerky Boys", "Made" and "Two Family House" (to name a few). He is also a familiar face on television. Besides playing the character, Big Pussy Bompensero, on "The Sopranos", Vinny has also made television appearances on "Queens Supreme", NBC's "Ed", "Witness to the Mob", "Gotti", "Law & Order", the Soap Opera, "One Life to Live", "Americas Most Wanted", and "Vegas".


Kat Love – Model

Kat is one of the most amazing freelance, non-commercial, nude models in the world. She has worked with some of the top photographers in the US, UK, and EU. Her work has appeared in numerous books and magazines. Kat rejects commercial modeling and states, “They are one of the many types of powerful pawns within the capitalist system.” Kat epitomizes the essence of uninhibited sensuality in her modeling and believes, “in art, the human figure is seen as beautiful and not necessarily as an object of shame or sex. My work is not an exploitation of nudity or exhibitionism but is rather a statement against society's illusion of shame when it comes to nudity.”

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